Ah…so today I got asked out for date 2 by the man with the nice face. It’s a funny thing – I fully believed I’d agree to another one but when the actual email came in, the first thought I had was…nope.

I sat on it for a few hours but I just sent him a rejection letter. A nice one – yah, I’m back to being nice – but direct nonetheless. That said, the minute I did that, MM IM’d me AGAIN! This time I figured out to block him from that chatting feature too. I thought the blocking worked on all fronts…nope. Fully blocked now. Onwards!


Well, what up with the change of heart? I hate to sound fickle but sigh…I was hanging out with dear Fennis and updating him on the latest and not-so-greatest exploits as of late. He wasn’t much of a fan of nice face or M2. Can’t say I blame him. Fennis has been around the block and not so happy about it at times – understandably so but ya know…

As I started to list out nice face’s qualities and otherwise, it started to occur to me…why would I go out with him again? At the time, I was still curious to see. My gut wasn’t saying to walk away. Now…it is. So there you go.

I know it’s the right choice and I actually DON’T feel bad about it – point for me.


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